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Farseer Lolotea
29 December 1979
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Female.  (In before "TEHRES NO WIMMENZ ON TEH INTARWEBZ!!!1!"!!)  Born at the tail end of the '70s.  Game and literary geek.  Cynic.  Cursed with a man's middle name, some minor autoimmune conditions, and a tendency to give a damn at inconvenient moments.

As you can probably guess, I play World of Warcraft.  (Formerly Horde, later mainly Alliance, nowadays...well, look at the banner.)  I'm also something of an amateur author.  (Or, more accurately, I've got a few incomplete WoW fanfics—most of which break game rules, are R-rated or threatening to become so, or both—in the works.)

I've also recently picked up Rift.  (Yes, I'm an altoholic there, too.  And yes, almost all of them are bahmi.  Why do you ask?)

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Farseer Lolotea
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