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Fandom Reactions: A Hypothetical - Farseer Lolotea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fandom Reactions: A Hypothetical [Jun. 10th, 2012|04:25 pm]
Farseer Lolotea
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Okay, just gotta get this off my chest...

So I've recently run across this teen superhero (for want of a better term) venue.  The main team consists of the following characters:  Paragon, who has several different ergokinetic and telekinetic powers and would probably be a godmode-Sam if he weren't cocky, socially inept, and all-around flawed.  The sisters Ember and Jade; Ember's an edgy, introverted minor ergo, Jade's an idealistic, extroverted minor teke.  And most recently, Surety—initially introduced as Ember's civilian boyfriend—has been developed into a badass-normal and an official member of the team.

Yeah, I know; sounds kind of clichéd, but it's a unique enough take on the usual that I don't mind.  I'm enjoying it, even if the writing exasperates me at times (the central cast are all teenagers, after all, and they act like it).  But the fans, as usual, are awful.

Seriously: people are accusing Ember of being a kept woman, a gold-digger, or a straight-up...ahem, "negotiable date" now?  It's not like she knew whose son Surety was (or like Surety's family connections were ultimately of much use), or like she was at all actually involved with Paragon.

Which isn't to say that she's not a mope and a four-plus tsundere.  Or that I think she's entirely got her head on straight or really knows what she wants from who.  But, really: cut out the fucking shaming already.  Yes, she's being a butt.  Yes, she hurt her sister.  Paragon's just as guilty of both of the above, and there's no word on whether or not he's such the dog for doing that. Is the hero exempt or something by virtue of being the hero now?

That said: I feel kind of bad for Jade.  (Yes, even if the way she scurried off like a kitten in a tizzy after catching her brat of a sister kissing the brat of a hero did end up begetting an amusing flounce macro.)  Girl's got it bad, and Paragon barely notices her.  And did I mention that I'm beginning to question his standards over that, considering she's...well, Jade in all of her sweet, adorabadass glory? 

Furthermore, if I hear her called a "chubby ditz" or the equivalent one more time, I will kick something.  While it's true that she's compact and solid—especially compared to lean, leggy Ember—the "beach episode" made it clear that she's actually quite trim.  And while she's certainly naïve and exuberant, she's not "ditzy" or incompetent. 


ETA:  So.  It appears that this kerfuffle continues.

Yes, it was somewhat gratifying to see a smug, smarmy bully like Sleet reduced to a shadow of the woman she once was.  You can still stop gloating already.

And really: I like Surety well enough (I mean...can we say "badass-normal of Sam Vimes caliber," kiddies?) but his fangirls are getting really embarrassing.  (Is this the same fanbase who thought he was a mole until he rather decisively proved otherwise?)

On a related note: quit demonizing Ember for not doing enough fawning over him. Even if she weren't...well, let's face it, a confused adolescent...she probably wouldn't be doing that enough for your liking, because she's really not the fawning type to begin with.  Was her rather out-of-character smitten expression when she and Surety first met not enough for you brats?


It never ends, does it?

So.  After that, it would appear that the fanbase now hates Ember all the more (and has added "Mary Sue" to her list of sins), considers Jade rather useless and silly (because she totally didn't teke up a convenient roadblock or anything), and feels sorry for Surety.  Look, I'm not too fond of Ember right now myself, but Surety should have taken it up with her instead of prying it out of Jade (who, for the record, is a singularly poor liar).

And let's not neglect the possibility that he hit Jade where it hurts.  She may be cheery, but she doesn't come off as fickle; I didn't see anything to indicate that she actually is as over Paragon as the fans seem to think.  (Hell, to me?  It came off like Jade's no more of a Paragon/Ember 'shipper than Surety is, but Surety threw it right back in her face.)

Which doesn't even bring up how I'm gonna have to question the authors' judgment if Paragon/Ember officially becomes canon.  No matter how much it's looking like it will, it's been rife with unfortunate implications for quite a while now (all the more so in light of recent developments).

And on top of all that:  Paragon?  I know you haven't been friends with Surety that long, but you guys were definitely working at it.  And, as they say: you're breaking the bro code.


This is a hypothetical.  While it's based loosely on the behavior of the actual fans of an existing venue, I've changed some things.

Hint 1:  All characters mentioned have been gender-flipped.  Adjustments have been made to fan reactions, based on apparent fandom double standards.

Hint 2:  All "code names" are somehow thematic.

Give up yet?

Props to anyone who figured it out without mousing over the previous sentence.