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Counter-Intuitive As Hell - Farseer Lolotea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Counter-Intuitive As Hell [Mar. 15th, 2012|07:14 pm]
Farseer Lolotea
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I was re-visiting some of my old entries looking for something in particular, and ran across my old link to the Amazing Luxury Life (which might as well be called "Rich People Are Bizarre") blog.  And...I saw this

All I can think is "That's counter-intuitive as hell."  The damn thing weighs fifteen and a half pounds.  Now, granted, that may not sound like much; but last I checked, laptops weighing a third less were losing points for being unreasonably heavy.  And this is an Air, which normally would weigh about three.

So, really...does the platinum (which would be better used in the production of catalytic converters for car engines or something) improve the performance enough that it's worth quintupling the weight of the computer?  If not, there's scarcely an excuse for one of them to exist, much less five.

From: destronallicant
2012-03-16 06:41 am (UTC)
Apple's all about aesthetics (I would argue that they often succeed, though the examples in your link are atrociously gaudy), so it ends up going for overly elaborate accoutrements that sell to people with lots of money and a surfeit of taste.

I come from an Apple-using family, but I don't have any brand loyalty. My next computer with likely be a PC, simply for price reasons (though I may keep my non-platinum Macbook for Internet browsing).

Oh, I sent you a few emails. Did you get them?
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[User Picture]From: farseer_lolotea
2012-03-16 07:38 am (UTC)
Oh, I rather like the look of a lot of the "cute" Apple computers (iMacs, for one). 

The thing with that platinum Air (aside from its gaudiness) is that it actually sacrifices what seems like one of the major points of getting a laptop—much less something featherweight like an Air—in favor of glitz.  It's shiny and it's expensive, true; but not only is there no real evidence that it's better than a run-of-the mill gray one, but it's less readily portable. 

In fact, if I were offered the choice between one of those or its value in run-of-the-mill gray Airs, I'd take the latter:  There are several levels (being able to immediately start my own eBay shop, for one) on which it would be the better deal, at least from my vantage point.

And I have been incredibly spacy about checking my mail.  There are probably any number of excuses I could make, but they generally come down to my being spacy.

Edited at 2012-03-16 08:03 am (UTC)
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