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OMG FUZZBEARS - Farseer Lolotea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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OMG FUZZBEARS [Mar. 12th, 2012|05:06 pm]
Farseer Lolotea
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We've got a silhouette

And....they seem to be going with the "Hollywood pudgy" route:  Although the angle could skew things a bit, she appears to be slightly plumper than dwarves (if proportioned somewhat similarly). 

Cue a predictable chorus of fanbeasties either moaning that she's too fat...or crowing (after all, she's not the caricature that they used as a strawman against those of us who give a damn about theme, and is in fact marginally slimmer than many of the more popular concept sketches) about how they "won."

As for those of us who wanted thematic, well...I can entirely understand why some people are jazzed.  I can also entirely understand why some people are disappointed.  As far as I'm concerned...well...she's not ideal, certainly.  I'd have preferred her somewhat rounder; after all, she's a damn bear.  But although I'm reserving judgment until we see her animations and customization options, she appears to at least be thematic—and therefore, somewhat better than I expected.  (And she's definitely not that teal-haired ferret, thank heaven.)