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Random Shoe Rant - Farseer Lolotea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Random Shoe Rant [Mar. 7th, 2012|04:38 am]
Farseer Lolotea
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So a few weeks ago, my old sandals crapped out on me.  And as a result of my attempts to replace the bastards, I've come to realize something:  Namely, I really hate shoes.

Or let me clarify:  I'm not fond of wearing them unless they're absolutely necessary (mostly because I have tiny, narrow-heeled, wide-toed feet that are difficult to fit properly).  I resent the fact that they're so often considered de rigeur even when they're not particularly necessary (plus, don't wear 'em in this town, and people think you're a hippie or a stoner).  And I don't so much dislike shopping for them as want to kick the entire shoe industry in the face for making just about nothing respectable (read: neither uncomfortable, shoddy, or impossible to take seriously) in my size that doesn't cost a fucking arm and a leg. 

And the Brown Shoe Company—who, ironically enough, were the makers of the cushy, walnut-brown leather fisherman sandals that lasted me five years and actually fit my weird feet better than anything that wasn't custom-made—can especially choke on a rock:  They've since discontinued said sandals.  Everything they have now that's even vaguely similar is at least half again the price, isn't made in my size, is Naugahyde or something, or some combination of the above.

ETA:  I bid on some sandals on eBay, and look likely to win them.  Now, provided no one outbids me at the last minute, let's see if they're actually the advertised size.

That said, even prices on eBay are hiked sky-high.  Seriously:  $30 (shipping included, mind you) for secondhand sandals is ridonkulous in its own right, but there are some that are twice that (and the sellers won't take offers that should be perfectly reasonable for something that I know they're having no luck selling).

Also, I find the lack of most styles of these in smaller sizes disturbing.  Just saying.