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Political Absurdity - Farseer Lolotea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Political Absurdity [Mar. 2nd, 2012|04:46 pm]
Farseer Lolotea
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So a law student offered her opinions on some kerfuffle about birth control.  Some vile pundit (we all know who) twisted it around, made presumptions about her sexual habits, and flung some straight-up insults.  And then, his fans jumped on the bandwagon and started repeating the same shit...while using said shit to...well, apparently try to make a point about their political views.

I've just gotta ask:  When, exactly, did said student's presumed sex life even become a factor in this discussion, much less such a large part of the opposition's so-called argument?  Ad hominem much?

And as if that weren't enough?  On at least one site, said vile pundit's fans seem to have pulled out an entire drawer of particularly ugly socks.