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On Certain Horsey Cartoons - Farseer Lolotea [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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On Certain Horsey Cartoons [Feb. 28th, 2012|02:37 pm]
Farseer Lolotea
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First, the good:  I've never been particularly interested in buying adoptables until this awesome artist decided to make some.  (Seriously: she's awesome, and her art is awesome.  Check out her gallery.)

Yes, it was ponies.  I still refuse to identify myself as a pegasister (although, coincidentally, it was a pegasus—an adorable curly-maned pegasus who gives me this "team mom" vibe—I grabbed).  Even so: I believe I'm going to have to start attempting to draw again.

Now, on an entirely separate noteThere was an image I found on a certain imageboard.  While I will not dignify it with a link, I can see two possibilities as to what was going through its creator's head:  The first is that he's outright trolling.  The second is that he actually thought he was simultaneously making a witty, controversial piece of religious/political satire and referencing a crossover hit.

If it's the latter, well...let's just say that he must be rather sheltered:  It was vulgar, puerile crap that—at least as far as I'm concerned—raised more questions about him than about its alleged subject matter.  Worse yet, it didn't even look like anything equine, much less the cast of said crossover hit.